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Catalogue date: 1/Oct/2019
Every farmer and contractor should own a LubeCube
There has never been a smarter or faster way to administer in-paddock service than the latest release LubeCube Service Skid model BLC230. Just about every farmer needs one of these, and once in operation will find the LubeCube unit will quickly help to streamline all paddock servicing requirements. This is also the safest way to transfer and dispense oils and grease. The LubeCube Service Skid comes from A-quip and is a newly designed release for 2018, and is now able to maximise the highest efficiency for all farm vehicle servicing procedures. Airquip & Pipetool's LubeCube is proving to be very versatile as it is currently the most efficient model available for clean and safe mobile lube servicing on-farm sites and will also double as the handiest workshop unit you will ever own as well. The compact footprint of the BLC230 means it fits neatly in the back of most Utes, trailers and trucks, as well as being conveniently forked onto a site or into your workshop where it can be used as a fully professional lube station. Surprisingly cost-effective, LubeCube has now opened the door to efficient servicing on-site for all contractors whereas previous equipment has simply been unviable. A further advantage of Airquip & Pipetool's unique system is that it cuts out double handling as there is no need to decanter old product. Just simply load-up your new 205L oil drums with this reduced handling it means less spillage and wastage. While digital metered oil nozzles help you keep track of every drop. A diaphragm pump collects the waste oil, which is stored in the 230L Waste Oil tank that uses a 4-Way EVAC valve for easy emptying. A grease pump and hose reel is also available on the LubeCube and is a wise option to choose. Designed and built in Australia, LubeCube utilises quality Italian oil transfer pumps, hose reels and nozzles. All pumps are pneumatically operated, with one central connection and control point. Because every farmer and contractor needs are different the LubeCube is designed to be highly adaptable. The Airquip Pipetool team can custom make a unit to any exact requirements, from small single oil systems to a fully professional multi oil, grease and fuel skids for service trucks and trailers. Airquip Pipetool also offers supply and installation of full workshop fitouts that can cater for heavy equipment their expertise includes reticulated oil, grease and air systems, service pit fitouts and heavy vehicle hoists. For further information contact Airquip & Pipetool on 1800 088 990 or email: team@airquippipetool.com.au
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