About Us

Sonic Boomsprays is a wholly Western Australian owned and operated company, with it's factory located at Narembeen which is in the heart of the wheat belt of WA.

The management and staff at Sonic Boomsprays are dedicated to manufacturing boomspray equipment, with a proud reputation for quality, structural integrity and on time delivery.

Sonic Boomsprays have a very sound foundation based on years of experience from farming, contract spraying and manufacturing.
We can guarantee you with confidence that the our equipment is the best that you can purchase

Driving precision spraying systems for a sustainable future

Sonic Boomspray's mission is to manufacture the highest quality precision spraying machinery in the Australian agricultural industry whilst ensuring leading research and development into more efficient, uncomplicated and productive designs. Efficient designs will enable more efficient manufacturing processes and ease of equipment use. Uncomplicated products will appeal to farmers and dealers and give them confidence in using the equipment. Productive designs will add to company, dealer and end user profitability and overall health of the environment.