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Zanon CST Double mulcher

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Zanon, Campodarsego Italy
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53, Banna Avenue, Griffith, 2680, NSW
Zanon CST Double mulcher
Zanon CST Double mulcher

ZANON CST DOUBLE (Independent Tool Frame Chassis)

Guidolin Agrimac are your local supplier for quality Italian-made Zanon Mulchers.

The new CST is an independent rear carrier frame designed to allow the application of various tools dedicated to cleaning the inter-row of vineyards and orchards. The sturdy steel frame is equipped with wheels adjustable in height and with a hydraulic opening arm on which the tool-holder structure is applied, the latter automatically manages the return of the tool during work, guaranteeing precision and speed in inter-row processing . The various tools can be adjusted in inclination allowing you to adapt to any type of terrain. The frame is supplied with a control joystick to conveniently control the various functions from the tractor. The frame in the basic version uses the hydraulic system of the tractor by means of quick couplings, and on request the independent hydraulic system kit can also be supplied.

Please refer to below image and attached brochure for full specs and details.