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Zanon CST-IT Double Mulcher

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Zanon, Campodarsego Italy
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53, Banna Avenue, Griffith, 2680, NSW
Zanon CST-IT Double Mulcher
Zanon CST-IT Double Mulcher

CST-IT DOUBLE (Independent Chassis - Inter Row Head)

The independent castle is a self-supporting frame equipped with a mechanical weeder, a machine dedicated to cleaning around the stem of the plants and inter-rows, without causing damage to the bark. The machine is composed of an independent tank that feeds a pump that manages the hydraulic motor of the rotor and the movements and adjustments of the working axis. The rotor has the possibility of being adjusted in height, inclination and opening allowing maximum flexibility during work. The rotor of the inter-row weeder is composed of a series of nylon threads anchored to the rotor in a simple but effective way, thus guaranteeing also in this case various cutting configurations according to the needs and a quick replacement in case of wear of the wires.


Frame with attachment to the three points Cat. I-II; electronically managed distribution block; ignition-shutdown, engine speed adjustment; work positions managed directly by the tractor using a removable multifunction joystick; independent 40Lt tank; double filtering system; 1 set of pre-installed wires; pump connection kit; hydraulic fittings with quick release couplings for a quick removal of the machine; Heat exchanger kit; Control joystick with magnetic base.

To enquire about this mulcher, call Marcel Guidolin on 0427 643 444.