When you think of offset discs in Australia one of the first brands you think of is Grizzly – but there is more to Grizzly’s range than disc ploughs.

In Australia the company also designs and manufactures a range of 3-point linkage rear mount hydraulic heavy-duty grader blades and a complete range of straight shanks key-line style rippers and the curved/parabolic style rippers.

The Grizzly Deep Digger is a curved tine ripper that is starting to prove extremely popular with farmers bringing back to life areas of non-wetting sands over clay.

The really appealing thing about the Grizzly Deep Digger according to sales manager Scott Williams is that the machine is so versatile.

“You can use it simply as a ripper to bust up ground or knock out rabbit burrows or you can adapt wider fronts to the tine to use it as a delver when you have sands over clays,” he said.

“With the heavy duty crumble roller your paddock remains smooth and ready for what ever you wish to do on your paddock next unlike delvers which are specific to one job only, require huge amounts of horsepower and leave your paddock rough and generally then require a working with a spader or an offset.”

The Deep Digger comes in sizes from one tine through to 11 tine or one metre to five metres wide and in both linkage and in trailing models all with 500mm tine spacing and with a maximum working width of 26”.

Grizzly says the secret lies in the “V” formation of the machine, which allows for maximum efficiency with pulling through the ground and also allowing for best flow of soil and organic matter.

Farmers have had success with using the Grizzly Deep Digger in WA, SA and also the North West Parts of Victoria and in some cases farmers have report to Grizzly that parts of their farms have had a four-fold increase in production from just one pass of the Deep Digger.

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