Liquid Systems’ Next Gen LQS range of pump & control modules is smaller, simpler and more flexible, and still delivers reliable, precise in-furrow application of liquids. Simplicity, reliability, accuracy & flexibility – everything a farmer wants from their liquid delivery system.

Easily add additional modules at any time for multi-liquid application with independent rate control.
More compact build makes mounting easier than ever.
Simpler build means increased reliability.
Range of pump sizes for any size implement, application rates & tank agitation.
Add Section Control at any time, no modifications to module required.
Improved injection function with the LQS20.

Liquid Systems (SA)’s vision is to be a world class designer and manufacturer of precise, practical and flexible systems for in-furrow injection of liquid products to enhance soil health and agricultural productivity around the world.

Liquid Systems (SA) strives for excellence in every aspect and this is reflected in the commitment to quality that underpins all of their business processes.

Innovation – We pride ourselves on quickly recognising and developing new product opportunities.

Research – We support research by scientific organisations, grower groups, liquid product manufacturers and OEMs by providing advice, equipment and use of our liquid injection test facility.

Quality Design – We strive to design products that are durable and reliable, integrate well across our product range and with leading brands of precision ag systems, are adaptable to a broad range of implements and perform the job of liquid injection with precision and accuracy.

Quality Manufacturing & Delivery – We ensure that all products shipped are in good working order through stringent quality control checks and testing.

Service & Support – We aim to deliver the service and technical support to our dealers and customers that is the best in the industry through sales support, comprehensive manuals, availability of parts and phone support.

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